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Looking for a short introduction or in-depth guides? Want to get a website up and running fast? Or do you have time to really understand all the different options?

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STEP 1 – Find the perfect website idea

New Ideas – The Ultimate Guide

Helping you navigate through all the technology options out there

STEP 2 – Secure a suitable domain name

Domain Names – The Definitive Guide

Everything you need to know about domain names and how to buy them

Register domain name with Namecheap

A step-by-step guide on how to buy a domain name with Namecheap

STEP 3 – Choose the right Development Technology

Technology choices – The Definitive Overview

Helping you make the right technology choices

Technology Overview [Infographic]

Giving you a quick overview of the different technology options

STEP 4 – Find the right website host

Website hosting – The Ultimate Guide

Everything you need to choose the right host for your website project.

Set up hosting with SiteGround

A step-by-step guide on how to set up hosting with SiteGround.

STEP 5 – Develop your website

Create a website with WordPress

Helping you create a WordPress site the right way!

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