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How to create a website

In a hurry and need a quick and easy guide? Or do you need to understand the details, to ensure you make the right choices? This website offers you both options.

Quick Guide

The quick guide is intended for people that just want to create a good-looking website, and get it up and running as fast as possible. You will miss out on some of the aspects covered in the detailed guide, but it’s still a great starting point for a beginner.

Illustration Of A Person Coding A Website

Launch a website in 30 minutes

An easy step-by-step guide, perfect for beginners. Shows you how to secure your own domain name, set up hosting, and design a good-looking website using WordPress.

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Detailed Guide

The detailed guide is what is all about. Giving everyone enough insight to create websites the right way. Each step is covered by long in-depth guides to ensure that you get all your questions answered.

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STEP 1 – Find the perfect website idea

Many of you might have an idea already. If you don’t, this guide will show you how to come up with interesting and profitable ideas that you can get started with right away.

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A Person Unsure Of How To Choose A Domain Name

STEP 2 – Choose a domain name

Finding the perfect domain name is difficult! This guide will show you what to look for in ‘the perfect domain name’, where to get inspiration, and how to buy one.

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Illustration Of People Coding A Website

STEP 3 – Select the best development technology

WordPress is not the only option out there. There’s an endless number of options, and all of them have their pros and cons. This guide will help you navigate through the jungle.

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Illustration Of A Hosting Server And Several Connected Devices

STEP 4 – Set up website hosting

Hosting can be a difficult topic. Hopefully this 5,500 word long guide will tell you everything you need to know in order to choose the right host for your website project.

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Illustration Of A Person Coding A Website

STEP 5 – Develop your website

At this stage you will have to follow the guides that fits your technology choice. Here I’ve collected a list of the best free web development resources on the internet. Whether you want to create a website with a Content Management System like WordPress, or a web framework like React, you will find a guide that fits your need.

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