Website Development Options [Infographic]

Website Development Options [Infographic]

  • By Knut GjertsenLast updated April 2, 2020

Have you ever googled “how to make a website” only to find a bunch of WordPress guides?

That’s not a big surprise.

After all, it’s the most popular Content Management System in the world.

Still, it’s not a perfect fit for every website.

I remember when I was about to create my first website. I knew nothing about creating websites, and like many others, I went to Google for help.

What I found was a lot of guides telling me how to build a website with WordPress.

The only issue was that WordPress was not the right tool for the website I had in mind.

It did take me some time to figure that out, and it took even more time to figure out what my options were.

And believe me, there are many website development options out there.

This infographic will show you the different website development options you should be aware of when planning to develop a new website.

If you want more details, check out the more detailed post on web development technologies.

An overview of six different ways of developing a website

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